What is Triple Plated Chrome?

People often ask what is triple plating and what the process is. Most often than not (unless you do actually know the metal finishing process) we are asked just to dip things in the chrome while they wait. We wish it were that easy! Our turn around is normally 4 to 6 weeks but it may take a little longer depending on the metal underneath and if repair work has to be done, if this is the case then we do get in touch with the customer. We try our utmost to give customer satisfaction and if we are not happy with the end product then we know you wouldn't be either. We pride ourselves on delivering a good service for everyone and we appreciate any feedback concerning the product and service that you, the customer, receive.

Below is the Triple Plating process explained.

As referred to before it does depend on what the customer wants; sometimes it is only polishing, sometimes only nickel and it does depend on what metal it is because not all metals needs all three bases.

We chrome all classic and vintage cars and motorbikes from over-riders to wheels to exhausts to bumpers.